New Zealand National Poetry Day – 21 August 2020

Live Poets Napier at Creative Arts Napier


Lens on Poetry organised by Napier Live Poets to celebrate NZ National Poetry Day was hosted by Creative Arts Napier (CAN) for two weeks.

Lens on Poetry organised by Napier Live Poets to celebrate NZ National Poetry Day was hosted by Creative Arts Napier (CAN) for two weeks.

The invitation to this event described it as follow: “Lens on Poetry is a collaboration combining poems and photography. Photographs will hang alongside its relevant poem to create a visual-linguistic dialogue between each coupling. Each medium will have its own status and there are no limits or parameters on creativity. It is hoped that the work will reveal new truths and previously unknown histories of our city. Visitors to the exhibition are free to engage with the work as they wish, with input and comments welcome.”

The following poets and photographers responded to this year National Poetry Day challenge:

Jeremy & Nurasiah Roberts, Erice Fairbrother & Stefan, M D Rogers (Duncan Bowles) & Naomi Prowse, Dave Sharp & Paul Sharp, Susan Wylie & Marie Taylor, Lynn Frith & Sally Carter, Valentina Teclici & Ken Sandö. Angie Denby, Sonia Mackenzie and Ian McQuillan played the double role (poet and photographer).


Jeremy & Nurasiah Roberts

Jeremy Roberts wrote a bilingual poem (in Bahasa Indonesia and English) inspired by Alia, his daughter’s drawing. Nurasiah Roberts, Alia’s mother, took the photo.

Jeremy Roberts wrote a bilingual poem (in Bahasa Indonesia and English) inspired by Alia, his daughter’s drawing. Nurasiah Roberts, Alia’s mother, took the photo.

Alia – Keep Going! Jeremy Roberts


Erice Fairbrother & Stefan

There is nothing I would ask For, from anyone,
From you
Except perhaps one

Thing – to just live,
Like you
God hears me they
Say, once walked in our shoes – Can you

Walk with me
So I might walk with you
To birth
Hope in these streets, warmth From the mind, and
Mercy too?

Erice Fairbrother

Erice Fairbrother & Stefan


M D Rogers (Duncan Bowles) & Naomi Prowse

M D Rogers (Duncan Bowles) & Naomi Prowse

Backwards she glances

through sharp stinging tears

watching the moon

from the air.

Her fragile love entwining

his hair.

Sorrowfully dreaming she gasps in

despair while drowning

once more in those angry

tears Clawing for

breath she stares

and she stares

M D Rogers

Ian McQuillan (photo and poem)
Naomi Prowse


Ian McQuillan (photo and poem)

Out of the Chrysalis

Out of the Chrysalis

It was time to come

Out of the chrysalis

That suspended green house

With a golden strip around it

Inside, the caterpillars

Magical metamorphosis occurred


The Monarch emerged 

Resplendent, beautiful butterfly

Waiting patiently close by

The praying mantis

Knew her time had come

Grasping the helpless baby butterfly

She began her feast

Devouring first the head of her victim

Leaving the rest for later.

Nature lovers rejoice!

Ian McQuillan 6/7/20


Sonia Mackenzie (photo and poem)

Sonia Mackenzie (photo and poem)
Sunset at Pauatahanui


There’s a golden sunset above the houses across the green

can it be seen where you are?

There’s a small brown thrush amongst the leaves in autumn trees

could it take a message to you?

There’s half a moon disappearing soon behind a cloud

if I shout out loud can it take my thoughts to you?

For you only went away today and I am missing you already!

                                                                     Sonia Mackenzie


Dave Sharp & Paul Sharp

Dave Sharp & Paul Sharp
Paul Sharp

Grim Reaper Junior.

“Good evening Mrs Reaper,

Welcome, come on in,

I have to report the school has some issues,

Relating to Young Grim.

He’s never in School Uniform,

He’s always in black robe and hood!

Ooh, ooh, religious is it?

Exemption! Understood!

And what’s with this scythe he carries round?

Oh, symbolic! It’s like a cross. I see.

Religious intolerance? No, no, no,

Of course he can bring it, gracious me!

But please explain this hour-glass thing,

That Grim studies every day,

He tells his classmates it’s their lives,

He’s watching slip away.

He says he’ll meet them later,

Depending on some dice,

Oh, it’s about classmate reunions in the future!

Well isn’t that so nice!

Now School Nurse mentioned a problem,

He’s too bony, far too thin,

She says he’s skeletal in fact,

You need to up the protein he takes in.

Well I won’t see you again, I’m retiring,

I’ll be out of everybody’s mind,

But your son promises to look me up, next June,

He’s really a good lad, ever so kind!”

Dave Sharp


Susan Wylie & Marie Taylor

Susan Wylie & Marie Taylor

Photo: Marie Taylor of Plant Hawke’s Bay, from her 2019 calendar of native plants and local craft.
Box: Peter Maclean, rimu with totara berries, Podocarpus totara

Box of Berries

At some time

time stopped

and remade itself.

At some time 

the tree was felled

milled shaped planed sanded

and piece by piece

remade as a box

with joints and handle like twigs

and an eye looking upwards.

A box, still tree.

At some time

these berries fell from a tree

dropped tumbled scattered

and a fraction 

is remaking in the dark damp earth

a tree as joints and twigs

in its mind’s eye.

A berry, still tree.

At some time

the end the start

are remade.

Susan Wylie


Angie Denby (photo and poem)

Stairway to Heaven

She is climbing the stairway to heaven,


The cage rattled as we drove

She paced the room

hyper-alert, anxious

With caring hearts, our talk came to a foregone conclusion.

“Sounds like you have made up your mind. These are the choices.”

I choose tat one.

Can’t stay.

Can’t go to the counter.

Can’t talk.

Can barely see.

I carried the empty cage to the car, and drove home.

Clear away the bowls.

I keep looking out for her, thinking she will walk in.

She is in my mind on and off all evening.

Rest in Peace, faithful feline.

Angie Denby


Lynn Frith & Sally Carter

Pekapeka Wetlands Sally Carter

Rising mist

reveals earth’s beauty.


The path stretches

into an unknown future.

Walk boldly.

No handrails.

Life can be hazardous.

Take courage

Lynne Frith


Valentina Teclici & Ken Sandö

Ken Sandö


Napier, amazing city, Phoenix

rising from your own ashes.

1931 earthquake ruined your buildings,

killed and injured people,

but never killed your hopes and dreams.

I search through chapters of history.

1850, your roots, your genesis.

Alfred Domett, Sir Charles Napier.

Step by step, growth and progress.

Once a borough now a harbour city

attracting millions of tourists.

Sister cities in Japan, China and Canada.

I wonder where your beautiful spirit hid?

In old buildings?

In your resilience and determination to survive and strive?

In the deeds of great people who left their legacy behind?

In the bronze statues Pania of the Reef or A Wave in Time,

witnesses to the happenings

on Marine Parade and Emerson Street?

Is your spirit hidden in the waiata of the ocean?

Tangaroa never resting the keyboard of his waves.

Is it hidden in Maori legends, whakatauki

and whakapapa of Ahuriri?

Gratefully, Ken Sandö’s photo collage

teaches me more about my adopted city.

Now, I believe that The Spirit of Napier

is in the power of rising above all challenges

from Mother Nature and human beings.

It’s the essence of the past and present,

each breath of every rock, bird, tree and ocean wave.

Each person belonging to you, dead or alive,

all in your true beauty,

of moments and continuity.

Valentina Teclici

Valentina and Ken

Thank you to the poets and photographers who agreed to have their contribution to the Lens of Poetry event published on the Scripta manent Publishing House website.

Valentina Teclici


Poetry lovers attending Dorina’s book launch at Balauresti, Moldava

Dorina Carp Nenici – Cu timpul de mână (editura Scripta Manent Publishing House Ltd. Napier, New Zeeland, 2019): Dorina Carp Nenici trece prin viață „cu timpul de mână” țesând o pânză de metafore în ochiurile căreia își plasează, ca pe niște mărgăritare de rouă, gândurile, trăirile sentimentele. Cartea sa vine înaintea publicului nu din dorința de popularitate, cum deseori se întâmplä, ci pentru că acum îi sosise ceasul să se nască după îndelungi limpeziri ale autoarei cu sine însăși, după explorări migăloase cu plonjări în adâncuri și urcușuri spre înalt, care i-au eliberat spiritul din strânsoarea convenției, din greul viețuirii cotidiene. Și astfel s-a mai ivit un poet în urbea pe care o numisem cândva “hotarul dinspre zări” sau, după Gheorghe Ghiban, „târgul trăsniților”, sau, cu o expresie consacrată, “orașul dintre vii”. Un poet cu o voce lirică bine timbrată, care a irupt ca un fluture fragil și fermecător din crisalida cu moliciuni interioare de mătase și reflexe exterioare metalice, scoțând la lumină un zăcământ liric autentic ce conferă greutate și substanțialitate cuvântului. (…) Beneficiind de condiții grafice de excepție prin cele cele cinci splendide crochiuri aparținând graficienei Cornelia Dinu precum și aportul lui Ionită Carmen Angheluș, cartea doamnei Dorina Carp Nenici este o bucurie și pentru ochi, și pentru suflet, și pentru auz. O grafică bună, artistică e o poartă de intrare în universul cărții. Ea crează forme prin care conținutul cărții ajunge la cititorul azi atât de grăbit, atât de puțin răbdător față de lectură ca act intim de cunoastere. În cazul acesta, atât coperta, cât și desenele interioare, adevărate “metafore grafice”, cum atât de frumos le numește poeta, nu e vorba de o simplă ilustrare a unor idei poetice, ci desenele în sine constituie schița unui univers de idei și emoții transfigurate vizual, univers ce interferează cu cel liric creat prin cuvânt și prelungindu-l dincolo de substanțialitatea acestuia în diafanul și polimorfismul imaginii. (extrase din recenzia semnată de Ana Opran)

Hastings Library Launch of the books Poetical Bridges/Poduri lirice, Vol 2 and The Jockey Princess/He Tioki Pirinihi.

Scripta manent Publishing House and Hastings Library invite you to celebrate the launch of Poetical Bridges/Poduri lirice, Vol 2, translated and edited by Valentina Teclici

Join us to meet the local poets collaborators of the book: Sonia MacKenzie, Christine Climo, Angus MacDonald, Jeremy Roberts, Maria Muňoz and the graphic designer Ken Sandö.


The launch of the children’s book

The Jockey Princess/He Tioki Pirinihi, written by Valentina Teclici, translated into Te Reo by Te Aranga Hakiwai
and illustrated by

Rogelio Carles Rosas.

The poets collaborators, Valentina Teclici, Te Aranga Hakiwai and Rogelio Carles Rosas will be available to sign copies of the books Poetical Bridges/Poduri lirice, Vol 2 and The Jockey Princess/He Tioki Pirinihi.

WHEN: Saturday, 6th April 2019 TIME: 11:00 am

WHERE: Hastings Library, Warren Street, Hastings

Scripta manent Publishing House and Waipukurau Public Library invite you to the launch of the children’s book The Jockey Princess – He Tioki Pirinihi.

Scripta manent Publishing House and Waipukurau Public Library invite you to the launch of the children’s book The Jockey Princess – He Tioki Pirinihi, written by Valentina Teclici, translated into Te Reo by Te Aranga Hakiwai and illustrated by Rogelio Carles Rosas.

Book launch of Poetical Bridges – Poduri lirice Vol 1 and 2, Husi, Romania, 19.10.2018

Book launch of Poetical Bridges – Poduri lirice Vol 1 and 2, Husi, Romania, 19.10.2018

Book Launch of Poetical Bridges Vol 1 and 2, Galati, Romania – 28.09.2018

Book Launch of Poetical Bridges Vol 1 and 2, Galati, Romania

Poster for the Book launch of Poetical Bridges – Poduri lirice, Vol 1 and 2..jpg

Scripta manent Publishing House and Napier Library invite you to celebrate the launch of Poetical Bridges/Poduri lirice

Napier Library launch poster


Poetical Bridges/Poduri lirice is a bilingual collection including the work of 12 poets from New Zealand and 12 poets Romanian born.

Scripta manent Publishing House and Napier Library invite you to celebrate the launch of Poetical Bridges/Poduri lirice, translated and edited by Valentina Teclici

WHEN: Friday, 17th March 2017 TIME: 4.00 pm – 5.30 pm

WHERE: Napier Library, Crn Dalton and Station Streets; or ph: 06 834 4180

Join us to meet the local poets, collaborators of the book:

Dorothy Wharehoka, Marie Dunningham, Carole A. Stewart, Ian McQuillan, Bill Sutton, Penelope Foster, Valentina Teclici, Mandi Pentecost, Marty Smith, Nik Henriksen, Mere Taito and the graphic designer Ken Sandö.

Drinks and nibbles will be served.

Valentina Teclici will be available to sign copies of the book

Poetical Bridges/Poduri lirice.

Dorothy Wharehoka presenting her work



The launch of the book Poetical Bridges – Poduri lirice, translated and edited by Valentina Teclici, was held at the Napier Library on Friday, 17 March 2017. This book was published by Scripta manent Publishing House Napier, and printed by PIM, Iasi, Romania, 2016.
The book launch was opened by Marie Dunningham with a karakia, then the Romanian and the New Zealand national anthems were performed. The launch of the bilingual book, which includes 12 New Zealand poets and 12 poets born in Romania was a tribute to poetry, literature, poets and poetry lovers. It was also an international cultural event. REPORT THIS AD REPORT THIS AD
Nicoleta Paxie, Librarian Coordinator at the Napier Library, introduced Valentina Teclici, who facilitated the activity together with Robert
Anderson, inviting the attending poets to read from their work. Present at this event were Ken Sandö, the covers designer, Dorothy Wharehoka, Marie Dunningham, Carole A. Stewart, Bill Sutton, Penelope Foster, Mandy Pentecost, Marty Smith, Nik Henriksen, all are members of Hawke’s Bay Lives Poets Society, and the poet Mere Taito from Hamilton.
Each poet brought a splash of colour and interest to the poems they read by sharing situations or ideas that inspired their work. The Romanian poets’ spirit was also present. Some poets from New Zealand responded with genuine joy to the idea of reading poems of their Romanians poetry brethren.
Thus, Bill Sutton read Tudor Opriş’ poem “Since We Drove Away …”, Carole A. Stewart read the poem “Dance” by Anna Anton. Mandy Pentecost read Mariana Gurza’s poem “Monastery”. In her introduction, Mandy freely presented from her research the legend of the Master Builder Manole and demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the meaning of this story. Robert Anderson read the poem “I am walking through the world” written by Monica Săvulescu Voudouri who has been living in Greece for several years. Valentina read Ana Urma´s, Violeta Ionescu´s and Vasilica Grigoraş´s reflections on the book and their good wishes for the NZ poets. She also briefly presented some aspects from their biographies and literary activity.
Music was also a component of the book launch. Nik Henriksen who is also a song writer, has composed music to the text of his poetry “Wake up”. Nik was happy to sing his poem, playing his guitar and lifting the spirits of the audience further. The book launch that lasted nearly two hours was a real tribute to poetry and culture. It was a real demonstration that poetical bridges can bring together poets from different cultures. It was proof of perfect communication without borders
because poetry is universal. It is the mirror that reflects the beliefs and souls of all poets.
————————- Maria MUÑOZ Napier, New Zealand March 2017




Vineri, 17 martie 2017, a avut loc la biblioteca din Napier lansarea cărţii „Poetical Bridges – Poduri lirice”, tradusă şi editată de Valentina Teclici. Această carte a fost publicată la editura „Scripta manent” din Napier şi tipărită de PIM, în Iaşi, România, 2016.
Lansarea de carte a fost deschisă de Marie Dunningham cu o rugăciune (karakia) în Te Reo, apoi au fost intonate imnurile României şi Noii Zeelande (NZ). Lansarea cărţii bilingve, care include 12 poeţi din NZ şi 12 poeţi născuţi în România, a fost un prilej de cinstire a poeziei, literaturii, poeţilor şi iubitorilor de poezie. De asemenea a fost şi un eveniment cultural internaţional.
Nicoleta Paxie, bibliotecar coordonator al bibliotecii din Napier, a prezentat-o pe Valentina Teclici, care a facilitat acţiunea împreună cu Robert Anderson, invitând poeţii să citească din creaţia lor. Au fost prezenţi Ken Sandö, ilustratorul copertei, poeţii Dorothy Wharehoka, Marie Dunningham, Carole A. Stewart, Bill Sutton, Penepope Foster, Mandy Pentecost, Marty Smith, Nik Henriksen din Hawke’s Bay şi Mere Taito din Hamilton. Fiecare poet, a adus un plus de culoare şi interes poeziilor citite, împărtăşind situaţiile sau ideile care le-au inspirit poeziile.
Spiritul poeţilor români a fost de asemenea prezent. Poeţii din NZ au răspuns cu multă bucurie ideii de a citi din poeziile confraţilor români. Astfel, Bill Sutton a citit poezia lui Tudor Opriş „De când gonirăm…”, Carole A. Stewart a citit poezia Anei Anton, „Dans”. Mandy Pentecost a citit poezia Marianei Gurza, „Mănăstire”. În prezentarea sa, Mandy a vorbit liber despre legenda Meşterului Manole, cercetată de ea pe Internet, demonstrând o profundă înţelegere a mesajului legendei. Robert Anderson a citit poezia „Umblu prin lume”, scrisă de Monica Săvulescu Voudouri care locuieşte în Grecia de mai mulţi ani. Valentina a citit reflecţiile făcute cărţii de către Ana Urma, Violeta Ionescu şi Vasilica Grigoraş şi, de asemenea, lea prezentat pe scurt aspecte biografice şi activitatea literară.
Muzica a fost de asemenea o componentă a lansării de carte. Nik Henriksen, care este şi compozitor, a compus muzică la textul poeziei sale
„Trezeşte-te”. Nik a fost bucuros să cânte vocal şi la chitară, înălţând şi mai mult spiritul audienţei.
Lansarea de carte, care a durat aproape două ore, a fost un adevărat elogiu adus poeziei şi culturii universale. A fost o reală demonstraţie şi dovadă că „Podurile lirice” reuşesc să apropie poeţi din diferite culturi. O mărturie a comunicării perfecte şi fără graniţe pentru că limba poeziei este universală. Este oglinda crezurilor şi sufletelor poeţilor.