Scripta manent Publishing House and Hastings Library invite you to celebrate the launch of Poetical Bridges/Poduri lirice, Vol 2, translated and edited by Valentina Teclici

Join us to meet the local poets collaborators of the book: Sonia MacKenzie, Christine Climo, Angus MacDonald, Jeremy Roberts, Maria Muňoz and the graphic designer Ken Sandö.


The launch of the children’s book

The Jockey Princess/He Tioki Pirinihi, written by Valentina Teclici, translated into Te Reo by Te Aranga Hakiwai
and illustrated by

Rogelio Carles Rosas.

The poets collaborators, Valentina Teclici, Te Aranga Hakiwai and Rogelio Carles Rosas will be available to sign copies of the books Poetical Bridges/Poduri lirice, Vol 2 and The Jockey Princess/He Tioki Pirinihi.

WHEN: Saturday, 6th April 2019 TIME: 11:00 am

WHERE: Hastings Library, Warren Street, Hastings

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